When All Those Hats Get Heavy {find your space}

I see you.

Juggling work, play, drop offs, pick ups, classes, appointments, cleaning your house (shhh… I won’t tell the toilet hasn’t been scrubbed in… a while)…

I see you. I feel you. I AM you!

Parenting is tough gig.

It’s messy and brilliant. Demanding and wonderful. Fulfilling and draining. It’s SO much all at once.  Continue reading

Date your Doula {date a few!}

Often times, when I get inquiries for birth work what I hear from people is…

“Hi, So my friend told me you’re a doula and I’m not super sure what to expect, but I’d really like to hire you for my birth!”

Whoa! While I’m SUPER flattered and impressed that you trust your friend THAT much, I’m going to ask for a date first!  Continue reading

The Day I Became “Mama” {My First Birth Story}

As we’re preparing to celebrate the birthday of my biggest baby, I realized, I’ve never written down her birth story.

I’ve made a tradition of writing them down on their first birthday as reflection, but with E that just didn’t happen.

So… without further ado, I will share with you the experience that changed my life and forever shaped my world (in more ways than one…) Continue reading

Bamboobies ® {for the shirt soaking moments}

Picture this…
You’re actually alone for a bit and you’re standing in line at the grocery store. In the aisle next to you, a baby starts crying. Suddenly you get the tingly sensation, you just can’t stop the letdown reaction, and BAM… boobies turn to fountains and your shirt is soaked in the most obvious “I’m a nursing mama” way. Continue reading

I’m Moving Somewhere Else! {Real Life with a “Spirited Child”}

One day my six year old proclaimed from the back seat,
“I’m moving somewhere else! Where nobody bosses me around!”

In one of my less glamorous moments I responded,
“Okay… I’ll help you pack up. Where should I take you?”

Being the parent of a “Spirited” or “Strong Willed” Child is exhausting.
Flat. Out. Y’all.  Continue reading


I read an article the other day about why SAHM’s need to stop whining and be thankful for their ability to be home with their children. It was somewhat offensive but there was truth in it.

Then in response to that article I read another one about why SAHM’s need to be allowed to whine all they want because they sacrifice all day for their families. It was somewhat offensive but there was truth in it.

THEN I read another article about working mom’s. Talking about how they’re shamed often for leaving their children but in fact the children of working mom’s are basically genius’ because they have to learn early on to be self sufficient and they’re not so needy like those “level 5 clingers” of SAHM’s. It was somewhat offensive, but there was truth in it.

Continue reading