Product Reviews

-Sarah Wells Lizzy Breast Pump Bag-

When you’re a pumping mama, there is a lot of stuff that ends up traveling with you everywhere you go. Tubing, flanges, breast shields, storage bottles, ice packs, A PUMP… Where the heck do you put it all?

I’m happy to share with you this great bag option for all your pumping needs. The Lizzy Breast Pump Bag from Sarah Wells is a FANTASTIC and hugely {it’s massive…} versatile bag.IMG_20160727_010337

Insurance companies that provide pumps to most mama’s don’t send along a convenient carrying case. So we’ve got all the pump supplies and no way to store them. Now that we’ve got this bag from Sarah Wells, we have a place to put it all!

I have to admit, when I first received it, I wasn’t convinced my Spectra 2 was going to fit in the storage pocket, but hooomagosh it did! Not only that, but there was still a ton of space left inside for storing all of my other necessities for pumping while being away from my sweet Baby Dude.

This bag is kind of massive, which may be a turn off for some, but I like big bags {and I cannot lie} so this is uh-may-zing for me. I’m an over-packer. If it I might need it, it usually ends up in my bag. Just in case. I managed to pack my Spectra, a small cooler box with ice, extra bottles {just in case}, my necessary pump supplies, my lunch bag, wallet, and a 40 oz water bottle in this thing.

I also love that when you’re not needing it for pumping, you can utilize it as a great diaper bag or computer bag or going-to-the-beach-and-need-to-pack-WAY-to0-much-stuff bag.

With a removable messenger style strap option, in addition to the regular shoulder strap/handles, this bag is comfy for carting around. There is an option to snap down the sides to make the bag a bit more compact as well. My bag didn’t hold the side snaps super well but that may have been because it was a liiiiiitle too full.

It comes with a decently hefty price tag at $99. Not necessarily within my budget personally, but I would say, if you can afford it, you’ll be happy you made the purchase. This bag is worth the cost merely for it’s versatility. It’ll last you through multiple stages of life with kiddos and has the stylish edge that a lot of mama’s are looking for.


-Silverette Cups-
Sterling Sliver Nursing Cups

For many mama’s nursing isn’t something that comes without effort. And often times, it comes with blood, sweat, and tears. Literally.

For new mama’s (and not so new mama’s) nursing can take it’s toll on those precious boobies.
Sore nipples.
Cracked nipples.
Bleeding painful nipples.

Having a new babe learning the ropes to a good latch can leave mama’s grasping for relief.
I’d like to introduce you to Silverette.

IMG_20160712_144726These little nursing cups are made of .925 Silver and provide an anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory environment to allow those cracked, sore, tender breasts to heal.

They’re intended to be worn in between feedings. As you can imagine they simply sit over the nipple. You should leave a small amount of breast milk on the nipple to provide moisture and natural healing opportunities.

I found that they’re a bit obtrusive… Meaning, you can definitely see them through my shirt. In this20160712_125642 picture I was wearing a nursing bra with a fair amount of padding in it, so I imagine with a thinner bra or simple nursing tank it would be even more obvious, BUT let’s be real… when you’re nursing and your boobs hurt… not too many of us are worried about how they look. This is definitely a comfort trumps beauty matter.

Another super great thing about these handy little cups is that you can use them over the span of multiple nurslings. They don’t go bad, they don’t get funky (anit-fungal!!) and they’re easy to store since they’re so small. Then once you’re all done with those sweet babies sucking the life out of you… literally 😉 you can send them to Silverette and they will make them into a beautiful piece of memory jewelry for you!

There is a cost (obviously)…
For just the set of Silverette Cups you’re looking at a $59 price tag. If you add up all the trips to the store for soothies and lansinoh… $59 doesn’t seem so bad.
If you’d like to pay ahead for your cups to be “recycled” it’s $105.
If you do one at a time is $59 for the cups and $59 for the pendant.

Fortunately I’ve not had a terribly rough time with any of my nurslings – for which I’m eternally grateful – but while I used these, I did notice a significant difference in the hydration of my skin. I didn’t feel as though I was being dried out between every nursing session.

All in all, I would say this is a great resource for nursing mama’s across the board, but most definitely something that will benefit a mama struggling with the painful transitions.


Reusable Nursing Pads

Picture this…

You’re actually alone for a bit and you’re standing in line at the grocery store. In the aisle next to you, a baby starts crying. Suddenly you get the tingly sensation, you just can’t stop the letdown reaction, and BAM… boobies turn to fountains and your shirt is soaked in the most obvious “I’m a nursing mama” way.

Let me introduce you to Bamboobies ® Nursing Pads!
These little gems are some of the softest (and CUTEST, look at those hearts!) reusable nursing pads that I have used.
I tried the disposable pads when I was nursing my first babe and got contact dermatitis something awful. Since then, I’ve only used reusable pads and these have quickly become a favorite! Not to mention, they’re basically the softest things that have ever touched my boobs. #realtalk

Bamboobies ® are made from a bamboo velour (that’s the soft amazingness) and they’re backed with a water (or breast milk) proof liner to prevent those crazy leaks that we all hate. The bamboo allows for crazy absorption without the bulk. This provides a more discreet wearing option.

And for those of you leaky over producers (like me!!!) there are over night pads also, that have more layers and are thicker, providing even more leak protection. I can’t count how many times I’ve woken up to feed my baby with a sopping shirt and wet bed under me. The overnight pads are a miracle for that.

The great thing about Bamboobies ® is that they offer a whole line of products to help you throughout your breastfeeding journey. I used their BamboobEase Soothing Therapy Pillows to help with de-lactation after our stillbirth in 2012 and I still use them when I have a clogged duct or to help ease engorgement. They can be warmed or chilled to meet your need for them.

Get your hands on these boobie saving products! I promise you’ll love them as much as I do!



Adventure Banz Shades and EarMuffs

Super excited to be trying out these awesome muffs and baby shades!
As many of you know, we’re a musical family. . . so we have put these muffs to good use so far.

Between a few concerts at Daddy’s school to sitting at home listening to practice times 🙂

2016-04-22 19.03.02

2016-04-26 20.49.22

These things are rad! They’re great for protecting little ears but they’re comfortable and light weight. We all know how easy it is to get a baby to keep something on their head… (Ha!) I love these Muffs for that very reason. Any part of them that touches baby’s head is soft and gentle on the skin and they’re on a plastic frame, not metal so there’s not added weight for baby’s head and neck to hold up. Plus, the fun colors just ice the sound cancelling cake 😉 I’m also looking forward to Baby Dude being able to go to marching band rehearsals over the summer with his Daddy, knowing that his tiny ears will be covered.

Let’s talk about the shades… holy cute, right?!
2016-04-29 17.35.21

We’re still working on getting a good fit with these. I think in a month or so, we’ll be totally fine with them. Dude’s head is just right at the edge of the smallest size down so they’re sliding a bit if he moves around much. I love these. The band is a soft stretchy neoprene like material with a Velcro closure. No irritating rub over the ears and they hold snug to little baby noggins. I also love that along the forehead and nose bridge there is a soft rubbery bumper to keep the plastic from rubbing and irritating that cute face.


Now that you’re totally sold on these, I know you’re dying to know where to get them! Well here ya go. . . the BabyBanz website has everything you need. From baby muffs to big kids muffs to shades to swimwear. Everything you’ll need for outdoor adventuring!
You can also check them out on Facebook by clicking here.

Now get going! And may all your summer adventures be awesome!


-EvenFlo Milk Storage Bags-

Alright, Pumping Mama’s of the world, let’s talk milk storage.
More specifically, let’s talk storage bags. I’ve discovered that there are some bags I love and some that I really, just don’t.
I’ve tried countless brands and I’ve got my favorites.
I was recently introduced to these lovely gems…
evenflo bagsThe EvenFlo Breastmilk Storage Bags !!
I have to say… I’m in love.
The plastic used is military grade so it’s super sturdy,
but it’s also quite thin, making it eco-friendly!
[Yay, for saving the Earth, one milk bag at a time!!]

Another thing that I love about these bags is that I feel like they’re much easier to get all those pesky air bubbles out before you seal the zip closure.

There’s a handy tear off top that reveals a user friendly pour spout. Helping to save the tears of pumping mom’s everywhere. Crying over spilled milk is fully understood in my world. I feel your feels and I’m hurting with you!!

And to ice the cake, each bag has little words of encouragement printed on them.
“You’ve got this mom!” “We love and support you!” I mean, come on, who doesn’t need a pick me up when you’re up pumping at 3 am trying to build your milk stash?

These bags are about $10 for a 20ct box. That puts them on the pricier end of the spectrum as far as storage bags are concerned. I’m not sure I super love them enough to spend that much on them with my penny pinching-husband’s in grad school-budget, but if it fits your budget, or it’s something you’re willing to splurge on… I say go for it. It’s really a great product and I think you’ll be more than satisfied with them.

If you try these babies out, let me know what you think!!