Q & A Corner

On the second Friday of every month, I will accept questions via email, twitter, and Facebook. 5 questions will be chosen during each Q & A session and added here to this page.
**All questions will be answered; however, not all questions will be posted to this page**

Q: How do you find a babysitter when you have moved to a town where you don’t know anyone?
A: One of the best ways is to get involved with community activities. Mommy groups, churches, library events… then as you meet more people you’ll begin to either get solid references for sitters or find someone you trust.

Q:How far in advance should your hospital bags be packed and what are some necessities you have had to have?
A: Bringing your own pillow is HUGE! Also here’s my general rule of thumb list: Pillow, chapstick, deodorant, toothbrush, a robe, non-slip slippers or socks, underwear that are bigger than your normal size, comfortable clothes to go home in, phone chargers, camera, hair ties if you have longer hair, music, essential oils, and any types of items that help to make you comfortable.
A #2: Depends!! Oh my gosh they were amazing for the pp bleeding and it was nice not worrying about shifting pads and bleeding through them.
A #3:  With my first I had it packed a month before I was due, and we still forgot stuff. With my second I packed it 15 minutes before we left for the hospital. I would say things to have are a personal pillow and blanket, books or magazines to read while you’re in that adrenaline rush after baby. Chap stick, toiletries, chargers for every thing! Pads and very forgiving undies, possibly depends ( I wish I got those)

Q: My baby likes to bite my nipples when nursing, I’ve tried a few things but can’t get him to stop, he also bites my jaw line a lot.
A: Ahhh, yes. Biting is a nursing mama’s arch nemesis. Depending on your choice of approach, you have a few options of what may work for you and your kiddo.
1. Gently press his face into your breast so that his nose is covered. (Not forcefully!) He will open his mouth to breath and will unlatch. At that point you can say something like “no biting” or “you’re hurting mama”.
2. Remove him from the breast, clasp your top, and tell him no biting. Offer again a minute or so later.
3. A gentle tap or flick on the cheek when biting occurs.
Keep in mind, not everyone will agree with or utilize these methods.

Q:Lip tie: ways to over come latch issues. Do they grow out of it? Why does he nurse okay(still not great, but better than day) at night but struggles so much during the day. 6 months old now (born 5 weeks early).
A: Have you discussed the tie issues with your pediatrician? A lip or tongue tie can be an extremely frustrating and painful thing to overcome. It isn’t something that is “outgrown” necessarily, but can be learned around. There is also the option of a simple routine procedure to snip the tie. If it continues to be a problem, I highly recommend talking more in depth with your pediatrician. Nighttime feeding is likely easier because there are fewer distractions to deal with than during the day. Sometimes with distracted nurslings going to a quiet place (when possible) to eat can provide a fuller more effective feeding.