*What is a Doula?
– The word “doula” is actually a greek word that means “woman servant or caregiver”.
As the term is used now in the birthing world, a doula is a woman who is trained to provide assistance to woman in childbirth. The doula meets the need of the birthing mother through physical and emotional support and assists the family in this exciting time. While my priority at a birth is always the needs of the mother, I make it a point to include the mother’s birth partner as much as possible to maximize experience for both of them.

*How did you become a Doula?
– There a few different certifying programs available for doula’s. I am certified through Aviva College as a Perinatal Health Professional (PHP). This particular certification encompasses Labor and Postpartum Doula Care and includes a Childbirth Educator certificate as well as limited training in lactation support and education. There are other programs that offer doula training’s as well. If you’d like more information about how to become a doula email Jess. I am always happy to answer questions and get more people excited about this amazing work!