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Norah Brooke {A VBAC Success}

A little background– My first birth ended in a C-section. After my son, Liam, was born we found out that even though his head was down, his chin wasn’t tucked and he appeared to be peeking up a bit.It’s apparently known as Brow Presentation. They called it an “emergency”, but to me it wasn’t. His vitals were fine. I was fine. Some doctors just don’t like slow progression. I now feel like I should have fought it. I should have asked for help and tried different positions. However, as soon as you hear the statement “for the safety of the baby” you’re willing to do anything without questioning. Continue reading

The Beginning of a Life Long Journey {a {still} birth story}

This post was written 2 1/2 years ago. It has been an honor to share this bit of our life with others, knowing that if even one life is changed, our Daphne’s short life was not in vain.

If nothing else, I want our story to resound with {hope}. And let that hope be what shines through it all.

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“God Just Needed Another Angel” – and other things NOT to say to a bereaved parent

When someone close to us is grieving – particularly a bereaved parent- our first reaction is to sooth or comfort them somehow.

We usually say how sorry we are and then comes the point where we offer some other form of condolence.

In our minds, it sounds great. Coming out of our mouths,  it still sounds good. Going into the ears of the grieving person it often doesn’t sound so awesome.

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