"My husband and I have utilized Jess on three occasions now. We started with her childbirth education class, then a few weeks later had her at our first daughters birth in the hospital, and then two years later we had her again at our second daughters birth at Rogue Birth Center. Jess is an amazing resource and truly made the labor and delivery process easier on both myself and my husband. She’s as hands on as you’d like her to be from birth plan planning to the actual labor. Knowing we had Jess to help us through labor and delivery was a relief and a comfort during. I truly believe that I was able to have positive birth experiences because we had Jess as our doula."
"We're just taking it all in. I can't thank you enough for your guidance. It truly made all the difference in the world."
"Jess is kind, caring, and professional. She was the greatest asset to me during my labor. She helped me to progress the labor when my body was resisting. She used gentle methods and positive encouragement to get me through it all! Having her with my husband was the perfect support team for me!​"
"Wow. Wow wow. What an experience! I just want to say thank you... I can hands down say that my labor and birth experience would not have been the same without you by my side... I truly belive you helped me have the birth that I wanted.”
"I will tell everyone I know that they NEED you. You are incredible at what you do and gave me the confidence to support my wife through the most incredible day of my life. Thank you for giving yourself to support our family. We are forever grateful.”
"I just can't even put into words what having Jess by our side for the birth of our boy meant to us. She is extremely talented at what she does and the entire experience was amazing. Thank you Jess for having confidence in me and guiding me through everything with such peace and focus. I am forever grateful for you!!"​
"Thank you so much for all you support and help. I felt in complete control of this labor and birth and it was exactly what I needed. "
"There is not words that even begin to touch the level of gratitude I have for your help and support. You brought so much peace and reassurance to such a crazy time and I'm forever greatful for that."
Thank you, again, for all your help. We appreciate you so much for all of your encouragement and support throughout this labor.
"Thank you so much for helping me through my birth. I can't tell you how much you will forever mean to me."
"We're so super grateful for all your help and strength throughout our labor. We are so impressed by your skills and your compassion."
You reminded us to make all the birth plans, but expect the unexpected. I held onto that through my unplanned Cesarean with my first, and planned C the 2nd time. I struggled with never having the natural birth experience I wanted, but your kind words helped so much.
You are absolutely incredible. Your patience and honesty and your way to speaking and intelligence of labor. I never thought I was going to go into labor naturally but you proved me wrong! You gave me the courage and strength to give birth! You also helped in my breastfeeding journey too! I 1000% recommend you!
Some of the most difficult moments of the whole induction were right before you got there. It hit me all the sudden just how hard this process could be and I started getting panicky that I couldn't do it. That was the most overwhelmed I felt the whole birth, even with much greater challenges at the end. When you came in and immediately jumped in with physical support and guidance, it brought me so much reassurance and confidence. It felt like I had been panic drowning and you were the one to hlep me find a way to keep my head above water. Being able to lean on you and your knowledge made such a difference in my whole birth process. Thank you, SO very much.

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