Hi! Welcome!

I’m a mama, wife, and Perinatal Educator with a passion for seeing families grow through community and education.

As the mother of six amazing humans – one having speical needs, I’ve personally bounded through the joys and trudged through the
challenges that can come with pregnancy and parenthood.
It’s the most rewarding and simultaneously exhausting experience I’ve ever known.

In early 2012, my family began walking the weary road of perinatal loss with the the death of our second daughter, Daphne.
She was stillborn due to a cord accident at 34 weeks. We then went on to experience two more losses on our journey to the 6 we have with us.
It has become a passion of mine to educate families and communities on the impact of Pregnancy and Infant Loss.
I make it a priority to be available for families experiencing loss and to provide resources for help and assistance during these times.

After going through our own experiences, I began to research and wanted know all I could about pregnancy and childbirth.
I began studying at Aviva College and completed coursework and practicum in 2013 as a
Perinatal Health Educator.
I certified secondarily as a Birth and Bereavement Doula through Stillbirthday.
In 2020 I worked toward certifcation as an ALPP Certified Lacation Counselor and also joined the Oregon THW Registry to serve medicaid families in our area.

In 2022, in partnerhsip with my colleageues Marth Rivera and Katie Minich, Doula Training Center was launched.
This program was carefully and thoughtfully designed to develop the Doula work force in Southern Oregon
and encourage more Doulas toward the THW Registry as an OHA Approved training.

I work closely with community organizations to bring support and eduational opportunities to the families in our area, as well as serving on the HCCSO Perinatal Task Force.

It is my goal to encourage, educate, learn, and laugh, always.
I look forward to walking this wild journey together and building a community that we all need!

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