All The Dirty Work

Thought it would be a grrreeeaaaat idea to deep clean my van today since the sun was shining and it was just so beautiful out…

*I removed the car seats {Children are disgusting, by the way} and cleaned them.
*I removed the actual seats of the car {did I mention children are disgusting?!}.
*I vacuumed everything out and ended up scrubbing up what I can only HOPE and PRAY was melted chocolate off the floor mats {remember that disgusting children thing?}
*Then I put everything back together and realized that Eden basically had a second wardrobe in the van. Like seriously… does she go streaking with me not realizing?!
How does this kid have so many articles of clothing {chonies INCLUDED} just stockpiled in the car?!

I’m amazed. Truly, just amazed by the chaos these tiny humans can create.
But I would clean out a thousand disgusting car seats, if that means I get to be their mama for even one more day.

Someday’s motherhood is exhausting and just downright nasty.

We get to wipe butts, scrub nasty toilets, clean up unidentifiable primordial ooze, wipe butts, clean up boo boo’s, wipe up the dirt that they just tracked in onto those freshly swept and moped floors… {wait, who’m I kidding… I don’t mop}

We just get all the dirty work.

But we also get to see their minds grow.
We get to see their hearts learn to love deeper and stronger.
We get to see their little personalities develop into something that will someday be something GREAT.

We get the “I love you Mama”‘s and the “You’re my best!”‘s

At the end of the day, we get a gift that some ache for.

So in the dirty work, in the mundane daily grind of life… rejoice in the little things and soak up those tiny humans. They are going to change the world and we get to be the ones that say, “That’s my baby!”


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