I read an article the other day about why SAHM’s need to stop whining and be thankful for their ability to be home with their children. It was somewhat offensive but there was truth in it.

Then in response to that article I read another one about why SAHM’s need to be allowed to whine all they want because they sacrifice all day for their families. It was somewhat offensive but there was truth in it.

THEN I read another article about working mom’s. Talking about how they’re shamed often for leaving their children but in fact the children of working mom’s are basically genius’ because they have to learn early on to be self sufficient and they’re not so needy like those “level 5 clingers” of SAHM’s. It was somewhat offensive, but there was truth in it.

There’s this epidemic of “I must justify myself.” and “You can’t judge me, because I’m awesome!” When deep down most moms just want to be left alone to be mom.

You see… we all have a story to tell. We all think our stories are insignificant BUT secretly {and unfortunately sometimes not so secretly} we watch other’s and judge them because we would never do what they do.

Do I view being a SAHM as a privilege? Absolutely 100%, yes.
Do I view being a Working Mom as a privilege? Absolutely 100%, yes.

What? How can you be 100% in agreement with both?

Because I see being a MOM as a privilege!

It doesn’t matter if you’re with your child every waking moment of the day or not.
It doesn’t matter if you’re so busy with work that you hardly have time to feed and, bathe, and put your babies to sleep.

You’re a MOM.

And every mom is faced with the same decisions to make for her child.

Every mom has to decide what’s best for her children based on their lifestyle and needs.

Every mom knows her own child better than any. other. human. on this Earth.

It’s not about how a mother cares for her children. It’s that SHE CARES FOR THEM.

Can we stop and just agree that we all don’t parent the same way? But the fact is that WE ARE PARENTS.

Here’s what I can say {with almost certainty} that we all do the same…

You’ve given up yourself physically for another tiny human.
You go to bed late.
You wake up early.
You kiss boo boos.
You sing songs.
You read books.
You play games.

You get the ugly, grumpy faces when everyone else gets the smiles.
You have to fix hurt feelings even when you didn’t cause them.
You lose your temper.
You feel guilty for losing your temper.
You feel embarrassed for losing your temper.
You apologize for losing your temper.

You battle the voices saying you aren’t doing enough.
You battle the voices saying “She”/”He” is a better parent.
You battle the voices saying you’re making the wrong choices.
You battle the voices that creep in and say you’re superior.

You say things like:

“Stop whining. I cant hear you when you whine.”
“I love you.”
“If you don’t clean your room, I’m throwing away ALL of your toys.”
“I love you”
“Stop licking the floor!!!!”
“I love you.”
“I’m sorry your sister pulled your hair… I’m sure it was an accident.”
“I love you.”
“No, I’m not making Mac’n’Cheese. You eat chicken… or you don’t eat!”
“I love you.”
“Please don’t splash bath water across the room to see if you can get the mirror.”
“I love you.”
“For the THOUSANDTH time… stop running around naked and get your pajama’s on!”
“I love you”
“Yes, I’ll read a book. No I won’t read seven.”
“Goodnight my darling baby. I love you so much.”

No matter the weird shenanigans our children get into,
No matter the long hours we put in at work or at home,
No matter the utter chaos that is our lives,

Our love for our children is what never changes. It never waivers.

Whether you’re at home, at work, or holed up in a office in the corner of your house…
You are Mom. You are needed. You are wonderful. And nobody can do what YOU do for your family.


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