The Day I Became “Mama” {My First Birth Story}

As we’re preparing to celebrate the birthday of my biggest baby, I realized, I’ve never written down her birth story.

I’ve made a tradition of writing them down on their first birthday as reflection, but with E that just didn’t happen.

So… without further ado, I will share with you the experience that changed my life and forever shaped my world (in more ways than one…) Continue reading

Norah Brooke {A VBAC Success}

A little background– My first birth ended in a C-section. After my son, Liam, was born we found out that even though his head was down, his chin wasn’t tucked and he appeared to be peeking up a bit.It’s apparently known as Brow Presentation. They called it an “emergency”, but to me it wasn’t. His vitals were fine. I was fine. Some doctors just don’t like slow progression. I now feel like I should have fought it. I should have asked for help and tried different positions. However, as soon as you hear the statement “for the safety of the baby” you’re willing to do anything without questioning. Continue reading