Baby-“whating?!” {Babywearing Q & A with Mollie J.}

Baby wearing!!
It’s aallll the rage in the Mommy-Sphere!
You’re pregnant? Ya gotta get a good baby carrier!

But, uh… there are like… 5 guh-zillion brands.
What. Do. You. Get?!?!

Baby wearing is something near and dear to my heart. I was baby wearing before it was really a “thing” when I had my first baby, and I’ll admit, I didn’t know the benefits of baby wearing outside of the fact that I could clean my house or cook while still “holding” my baby.

Now as the new mama of THREE babies, baby wearing is saving. my. bacon. on the daily. Well, that and coffee. Lets be honest, I’ve got a newborn, a {mostly} potty trained two year old that still needs a lot of help and attention, and a very busy and witty homeschooling six year old, I need my hands! 

Not only is it a convenience, but it’s an amazing opportunity to bond with these sweet sweet littles of mine. Yes, I’m that crazy lady that still wears the big kids. Thanks to carriers like the Toddler Tula, I have a quick and easy way to get them up when the need arises. Though it’s not often, having the option is super important to me. With the baby I’m able to meet his needs of closeness while still being available for the big kids. I’m able to nurse hands free.

I am thankful that I have the a few different styles of carriers. Some days just call for the extra closeness of a ring sling or wrap and some trips to the store require me to be in and out fast so a buckle carrier wins that one.

While I could talk all day about babywearing and carriers, I asked a very special friend of mine to join us in this effort and share some of her wisdom. She was kind enough to oblige. So, without further ado…

Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to my super amazing friend Mollie! She is the amazing woman behind Simply Carried. She runs this boutique online where you can buy all the babywearing apparatuses to meet your needs. She is also a babywearing educator in her area in Northern Oregon. She can help you find the right carrier for you, your baby, AND your budget! Yay!!!

I’ve gathered a few questions from various conversations with soon-to-be and new parents and things tend to aim the same direction. . .

*Is baby wearing [really] that important?
Mollie: Yes and no.
No, because a child can have a perfectly attached, loving relationship and environment in the absence of baby carriers.
Yes because babywearing makes that relationship more enjoyable for the caregiver (and baby) much of the time. It is also nice when baby vomit lands on the carrier and your clothes are spared a few times a day.

*What are the benefits over just keeping my baby in a baby carrier/car seat?
Mollie: Lots of things…
~ Breathing/temperature regulation: When baby is being worn he/she will often sync his breathing and temp with his/her parent. The Graco or Chicco just doesn’t have that skill (foofn might though, not sure) 😉
~ More time learning to use head/neck/back muscles and getting baby time off his or her back (which is a quicker route to them crawling away quickly)
~ More ergonomic for caregiver [because lugging the car seat around with one arm is just painful!] Car seats were made to transport babies in vehicles, not in tired parent arms.
~Increased communication between caregiver and child. When a baby is front and center when caregivers are interacting, baby learns communication and speech patterns that are essential to humanhood.
~ And lastly, more room in the cart for groceries. Your baby is going to wake up .05 seconds after you drag that cart across the parking lot anyways, may as well pop him/her in a carrier and have room for all the foods. [Note from Jess: Reminder, infant car seat carrier should NEVER be placed in the seat of a shopping cart. They are not designed for this use and this poses a huge risk to your baby’s safety!]  

*Why are there so many different brands and styles of carriers?
Mollie: Different strokes for different folks. The economy allows for it, the caregivers demand it, and the options spring abundant. There really is something for everyone.

*How do I know which is best?
Mollie: Trying out different carriers! Many areas have babywearing groups that hold meetups where you can try out carriers without needing to purchase. Another option is to seek a consult with your local boutique that sells carriers or contact a consultant from the Center for Babywearing Studies for an in-home consultation.

*Why are some cheaper and others so expensive?
Mollie: There are so many options out there! I liken this to “Same reason some shoes cost $1 and some cost $600.” Quality, brand, materials, country of origin, and availability.

*Do I have to buy more than one?
Mollie: No, you can get by with just one. It is fun to have a variety for different parenting tasks/needs, but many people only have one carrier.

*What if I have a bad back? Can I even wear my baby?
Mollie: It depends on your back injury, definitely consult your physical therapist. There are a wide variety of carriers that provide optimal back support that can make carrying your child much more enjoyable.

*What if my baby doesn’t like it?
Mollie: Find a local babywearing group or reach out to your community to see if there are other options you can try out in terms of carriers. It’s good to try a carrier out when your child is in a good mood, fed and content.

*What’s your favorite carrier? Why?
Mollie: I love them all! I get the most comfort from a woven wrap, but my little guy prefers our Toddler Tula carrier. I love the versatility and flexibility of a wrap, but the quick convenience of a buckle carrier leaves me reaching for them most in the toddler chasing stage.


Well… there ya have it folks! If you have questions that weren’t asked here, please feel free to contact us and we’d by happy to talk through them with you!

Babywearing is such an incredible benefit for so many reasons. Now there’s even a conference all about it. MommyCon is introducing the WEAR Conference next month in Chicago. If you’re able to attend, I SUPER encourage it! There are lots of ticketing options and it’s going to be an amazing time for educators, parents, and kiddos alike!

If you plan to go and need to purchase tickets, make sure to use coupon code “JESSICA5” to get a discount on your ticket purchase!!

Now here’s the exciting part…

I’m going to be giving away a Beco Gemini Baby Carrier to one lucky winner!

This is a great carrier that can take you from newborn tininess to toddlerhood! With the ability to snap down the seat to a smaller size allowing for carrying a newborn sans insert or also for forward facing carries [this is totally fine for short periods of time with a baby with proper head control] the Beco Gemini provides a wide range of options for parents to wear their baby. 

And I’m also giving away a $25 gift certificate to Simply Carried to another lucky winner! WHAT?! That’s right!! TWO winners! Super excited! This giveaway opens TODAY, Tuesday the 19th and will run through Sunday the 24th.

You can enter HERE on Rafflecopter. Please follow all instructions (yes, I’ll verify if you do or not) to be an eligible winner.

SO EXCITED to spread the babywearing love and get these goodies into some new hands.

See ya all soon!

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