I’m Moving Somewhere Else! {Real Life with a “Spirited Child”}

One day my six year old proclaimed from the back seat,
“I’m moving somewhere else! Where nobody bosses me around!”

In one of my less glamorous moments I responded,
“Okay… I’ll help you pack up. Where should I take you?”

Being the parent of a “Spirited” or “Strong Willed” Child is exhausting.
Flat. Out. Y’all. 

One second she’s amazing me with her whit and charm and keen sensitivity.
And the next she’s got me cringing in self restraint with her sass and attitude and complete disregard for rules and obedience.

People say “Oh, she’s so sassy! She really knows what she wants, I love it!”
I say, “Wanna take her home?!” Cause I’m def NOT loving this.

You see, I love this little person with all my everything. She’s my first born, my first act in the grand show of parenting. She made me a mama. But that doesn’t make me “Oooooh and Ahhhh” over her every act. Sometimes (a lot of times) I’m “Grrrrrr”-ing and clenching my teeth.

I’ve read so many articles that talk about shaping and nurturing that “independent spirited child” and there are some really glorious moments that we’ve shared. But where do I draw the line between letting her be creative and “free” and enabling her to be a total little A-Hole?! (pardon my term)

Raising a spirited child isn’t all daisies and rainbows. There are those moments, but they’re intertwined with storm clouds and flash floods of tears and tantrums (from both of us!!). Ya feel me?!

I have felt such guilt over the strain that I feel on our relationship and I’ve felt inadequate as a mother.
Sometimes I’ve wanted to yell, “I’m moving somewhere else!” and then I immediately feel like the worst mother of the century.

But today, I choose to not feel guilty. I’m sending her outside to play off all that crazy while I’ll try to recharge so that we can attempt to have conversations that aren’t WWIII notable.

Today I choose to let the crazy roll out and if we tussle, we tussle. Then we’ll hug and cuddle later.

If you’re on the wild journey with me… you’re doing awesome mama. You’re the best mama that “wild child” could ever have.


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