Bamboobies ® {for the shirt soaking moments}

Picture this…
You’re actually alone for a bit and you’re standing in line at the grocery store. In the aisle next to you, a baby starts crying. Suddenly you get the tingly sensation, you just can’t stop the letdown reaction, and BAM… boobies turn to fountains and your shirt is soaked in the most obvious “I’m a nursing mama” way.

Let me introduce you to Bamboobies ® Nursing Pads!

These little gems are some of the softest (and CUTEST, look at those hearts!) reusable nursing pads that 20160711_175533I have used.
I tried the disposable pads when I was nursing my first babe and got contact dermatitis something awful. Since then, I’ve only used reusable pads and these have quickly become a favorite! Not to mention, they’re basically the softest things that have ever touched my boobs. #realtalk

Bamboobies ® are made from a bamboo velour (that’s the soft amazingness) and they’re backed with a water (or breast milk) proof liner to prevent those crazy leaks that we all hate. The bamboo allows for crazy absorption without the bulk. The heart shape also fits nicely into most bras which provides a more discreet wearing option.

And for those of you leaky over producers (like me!!!) there are over night/newborn feeding pads also, that have more layers and are thicker, providing even more leak protection. I can’t count how many times I’ve woken up to feed my baby with a sopping shirt and wet bed under me. The overnight pads are a miracle for that.

The great thing about Bamboobies ® is that they offer a whole line of products to help you throughout your breastfeeding journey. I used their BamboobEase Soothing Therapy Pillows to help with de-lactation after our stillbirth in 2012 and I still use them when I have a clogged duct or to help ease engorgement. They can be warmed or chilled to meet your need for them.

Get your hands on these boobie saving, soft as butter, milk absorbing pads!
I promise you’ll love them as much as I do!

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