Silverette Cups {for the less glorious parts of breastfeeding}

-Silverette Cups-
Sterling Sliver Nursing Cups

For many mama’s nursing isn’t something that comes without effort. And often times, it comes with blood, sweat, and tears. Literally.

For new mama’s (and not so new mama’s) nursing – while amazing and wonderful and WORTH it – can take it’s toll on those precious boobies.
Sore nipples.
Cracked nipples.
Bleeding, painful nipples.

Having a new babe learning the ropes to a good latch can leave mama’s grasping for relief.
I’d like to introduce you to Silverette.

IMG_20160712_144726These little nursing cups are made of .925 Silver and provide an anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory environment to allow those cracked, sore, tender breasts to heal.

They’re intended to be worn in between feedings. As you can imagine they simply sit over the nipple. You should leave a small amount of breast milk on the nipple to provide moisture and natural healing opportunities.

I found that they’re a bit obtrusive… Meaning, you can definitely see them through my shirt. In this20160712_125642 picture I was wearing a nursing bra with a fair amount of padding in it, so I imagine with a thinner bra or simple nursing tank it would be even more obvious, BUT let’s be real… when you’re nursing and your boobs hurt… not too many of us are worried about how they look. This is definitely a comfort trumps beauty matter.

Another super great thing about these handy little cups is that you can use them over the span of multiple nurslings. They don’t go bad, they don’t get funky (anit-fungal!!) and they’re easy to store since they’re so small. Then once you’re all done with those sweet babies sucking the life out of you… literally 😉 you can send them to Silverette and they will make them into a beautiful piece of memory jewelry for you!

There is a cost (obviously)…
For just the set of Silverette Cups you’re looking at a $59 price tag. If you add up all the trips to the store for soothies and lansinoh… $59 doesn’t seem so bad.
If you’d like to pay ahead for your cups to be “recycled” it’s $105.
If you do one at a time is $59 for the cups and $59 for the pendant.

Fortunately I’ve not had a terribly rough time with any of my nurslings – for which I’m eternally grateful – but while I used these, I did notice a significant difference in the hydration of my skin. I didn’t feel as though I was being dried out between every nursing session.

All in all, I would say this is a great resource for nursing mama’s across the board, but most definitely something that will benefit a mama struggling with the painful transitions.

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