The Lizzy Bag {for all your pump toting needs}

-Sarah Wells Lizzy Breast Pump Bag-

When you’re a pumping mama, there is a lot of stuff that ends up traveling with you everywhere you go. Tubing, flanges, breast shields, storage bottles, ice packs, A PUMP… Where the heck do you put it all?

I’m happy to share with you this great bag option for all your pumping needs. The Lizzy Breast Pump Bag from Sarah Wells is a FANTASTIC and hugely {it’s massive…} versatile bag.IMG_20160727_010337

Insurance companies that provide pumps to most mama’s don’t send along a convenient carrying case. So we’ve got all the pump supplies and no way to store them. Now that we’ve got this bag from Sarah Wells, we have a place to put it all!

I have to admit, when I first received it, I wasn’t convinced my Spectra 2 was going to fit in the storage pocket, but hooomagosh it did! Not only that, but there was still a ton of space left inside for storing all of my other necessities for pumping while being away from my sweet Baby Dude.

This bag is kind of massive, which may be a turn off for some, but I like big bags {and I cannot lie} so this is uh-may-zing for me. I’m an over-packer. If it I might need it, it usually ends up in my bag. Just in case. I managed to pack my Spectra, a small cooler box with ice, extra bottles {just in case}, my necessary pump supplies, my lunch bag, wallet, and a 40 oz water bottle in this thing.

I also love that when you’re not needing it for pumping, you can utilize it as a great diaper bag or computer bag or going-to-the-beach-and-need-to-pack-WAY-to0-much-stuff bag.

With a removable messenger style strap option, in addition to the regular shoulder strap/handles, this bag is comfy for carting around. There is an option to snap down the sides to make the bag a bit more compact as well. My bag didn’t hold the side snaps super well but that may have been because it was a liiiiiitle too full.

It comes with a decently hefty price tag at $99. Not necessarily within my budget personally, but I would say, if you can afford it, you’ll be happy you made the purchase. This bag is worth the cost merely for it’s versatility. It’ll last you through multiple stages of life with kiddos and has the stylish edge that a lot of mama’s are looking for.

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